Preselling Condo At SMDC South Residences

The South Residences gives one a good lifestyle that every person dreams of. This new development gives 5-star amenities and features, premium living as well as all the entertainment, dining and shopping choices that are found at SM Southmall.  

The South Residences is a beautiful four fifteen-storey apartment project in Las Pinas City. The project is managed by the SMDC brand. The apartment promises to give unique and exclusive living experience for its residents.

The apartment is strategically located in the prime spot of Las Pinas just right along the main road of the city, Alabang, Zapote Road. The apartment is designed to give the multi-faceted enjoyable living to those who will live in the residences. All the homeowners will enjoy the benefits of the high rated living experience which will cultivate vibrant sensibilities and personal interest in a residence which is next to the Las Pinas busy urban landscape.

The apartment is just a few meters away from the city’s premier entertainment and retail hub providing homeowners an endless array of amenities and facilities for business, recreation, and shopping.

Location plan for the South Residences

The apartment is designed to attract individuals with its beautiful design. The building consists of fifteen storeys. The wings of the well-designed apartment serve as the balcony of the condo units, a place where one can spend his or her time and enjoy the endless beautiful views of the area, which are enhanced by dazzling city sights and harbor lights. The apartment has many floors with various units.

Master Plan

The apartment is ideally located just next to the Southmall Complex in Las Pinas City along Alabang – Zapote Road in front of the SM Southmall. The residence consists of fifteen storey towers; the development gives a premium living, shopping, entertainment and dining places found at the SM Southmall as well as five-star amenities and features.
The South Residences promises unique access to the commercial centers, educational institutions, and health institutions. Hence, giving utmost convenience for your family and love once.

Floor Plan

The SMDC South Residences will be made of two bedrooms and one bedroom configuration. The apartment will be an integrated development with mixed-uses. The families will be supported to upgrade to new units for their increasing needs improving lifestyle.

The apartment will be made of quality finishes, ample ventilation, and natural light as well as big open plans. In each combo unit, the materials to be used will be of strong quality to ensure aesthetically appealing design and durability.

Invest in South Residences

The apartment is close the important destinations in the Metro. There are both public, private means of transport that will assist the residents to move from one location to another in the city of Las Pinas. South Residences is the perfect residential area for those families searching for comfort, security, and relaxation. The apartment will have many refreshing features for all the residents, to top on that there will be a twenty-four-hour security system that should crash down your all worries of being secure. The apartment will provide all the top-notch amenities. The property’s value will always increase with time, hence purchasing a unit at the apartment is one of a great way of investing. The South Residences is suitable for rental investment, vacation home, and retirement home. Why wait? Book yourself one of these units at the apartment, and you will enjoy all the benefits of having one of the condo units.

The Benefits

One of the main importance of living in the apartment is that the condo units are much cheaper than purchasing a house. For individuals who would love to take a chance and rent the units rather than purchasing, they will have to pay very low monthly payments as compared to paying rents for rented homes. Most of the financial components such as the utilities and upkeep are all cheaper while living at the South Residences. The residents’ modest lifestyle is because of the smaller rooms and the control of an owner or the landlord versus the tenant. The maintenance expenses are lower since most or all of the responsibilities are considered by the owner or the landlord. The residents will have a peace of mind because of the mental freedom of renting.

Unlike most of the houses, the apartment is designed to have amenities such as gyms, laundry facilities, convenience stores, and swimming pools just within the complex. However, an individual can have all these amenities at their home of residence, but it would cost her or him a lot of cash to have them. So, having a condo unit at the South Residences offers you the opportunity of enjoying all these promising amenities. Staying in the apartment is the most convenient living arrangement.

In terms of security in the area, the apartments promise to give a twenty-four-hour security system. The owners of the apartment project have invested in the overall safety of all the people who will live in the apartment. The security to be provided will suit all kind of people, the children, single ladies, elderly and all families.

The sizes of the condo units are convenient because they are designed to be of different sizes that meet the residents desire and need. There are combo units for smaller families, a single person, and big families. The condo units do not have to be lavish and big; it just requires to be quaint for all men and women as well as feel safe within the residence.

Another main benefit of living in the residence is to improve the residents' social life. Through socialization, an individual develops close relationships and connections with his or her neighbors within the premises. The importance of staying with many people near you are that it raises the probability of building strong permanent connections. Also, socialization assists one to learn new things from most of the people you are socializing with near your home. Socialization can help one deal with the negative feelings of loneliness. Also, socializing makes us operate as humans.

Socialization builds a firm culture and society. Residing at the apartment can build a strong social foundation for all your children. Kids who do not socialize will always end up having mental or physical problems in future.  

For those who are still in the stage of planning on purchasing a resident, purchasing a condo unit at South Residences is more convenient as you wait to buy your houses. The project of Sooth Residences will be completed in the year 2018 which is a few months from now. Living in the apartment gives you an opportunity to persevere fewer responsibilities and burden, and it gives you enough time you want to invest. Staying at the condo units can be a brighter financial outlook.

Living in the apartment presents you to a few responsibilities. Also, minimal maintenance of the property is a financial benefit as well as a stress reliever since homeownership can come along with a lot of problems and headaches. Deciding to live in the South Residences will assist one get rid of these types of setbacks.

And the major importance of living in the apartment is that an individual can easily access most or all the resources just around the premises. There are various shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, hotels, ports, cafes, etc. For the people who hate kitchen activities or they are late from work, they can just purchase something to eat in one of the restaurants within the complex. For those who love taking coffee during the day, the open cafes consist all kinds of coffee you feel like taking. Not all people love to spend their free time indoors during the late hours; there are various night clubs or refreshing spaces that operate during the night as well as during the day. One can just enter into those clubs at any time of the day and night with no fear since there is a well-monitored security within the complex.

South Residences is just perfect for those who are looking for a place to call home.  The place will have a lot of financial advantages to the residents. The owners of the apartment are ready and willing to respond to the individuals who wishes to purchase or rent one of its condo units. Do not hesitate, book one of the condo units and you will never regret having one of the condo units because to the unending benefits associated with the South Residences. The apartment being at the center of the city, the residents will have to get all the available services they need in just one place.

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