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SMDC : SMDC South Residences For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom ₱ 3,400,000 - 3,700,000 22.73 sqm
1 Bedroom + Balcony ₱ 3,400,000 - 3,700,000 23.02 sqm - 23.68 sqm
2 Bedroom + Balcony ₱ 4,900,000 - 6,200,000 36.53 sqm
2 Bedroom End Unit + Balcony ₱ 4,900,000 - 6,100,000 36.76 sqm - 37.29 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1
15% payable within 32 months at 0% interest.
85% through lump sum or bank financing.
Option 2
20% payable within 32 months at 0% interest.
80% through lump sum or bank financing.
Option 3
10% spot downpayment due 30 days from reservation date,
10% payable within 24 months at 0% interest.
80% through lump sum or bank financing.
(with 0.5% discount on the list price)
Option 4
20% spot downpayment due 30 days from reservation date,
10% payable within 24 months at 0% interest.
70% through lump sum or bank financing.
(with 1% discount on the list price)
Option 5
10% spot downpayment due 30 days from reservation date,
90% payable within 24 months at 0% interest.
(with 2% discount on the list price)
Option 6
20% spot downpayment due 30 days from reservation date,
80% payable within 32 months at 0% interest.
(with 4% discount on the list price)
Option 7
50% spot downpayment due 30 days from reservation date,
50% payable within 32 months at 0% interest.
(with 5% discount on the list price)
Option 8 (Deferred Cash)
100% (spread equally) payable within 25 months at 0% interest.
(with 2% discount on the list price)
Option 9 (Spot Cash)
Full (100%) payment due 30 days from reservation date.
(with 10% discount on the list price)

Top 3 Reasons You Should Buy A Unit At South Residences

There has always been an edge with living in the South given the fusions of hobbies and lifestyle you can achieve. The glitz and glamour of living in a prime location in Las Piñas City are like a dream for some but could soon be your home in a swift chance! How? Well, South Residences has it all figured out for you with its outstanding amenities, 5-star features, and incomparable living experience. This highly-anticipated residential development is the growing star of the city given that it is situated in the South Mall Complex. Who could’ve imagined you can live right across a mall and live comfortably in South Residences? Now you know you can! This unbelievable structure offers equally exceptional features through its services. It is like creating your dream house without the hassle and worries. You can only expect to open your eyes and see a four 15-storey residential condominium project rising above and waving the flag of the SMDC creations. It promises a whole new world of possibilities as it can widen your options and heighten the quality of your living. South Residences is the number one choice of most homeowners since it is purposefully located at the primary spot of Las Piñas right along Alabang-Zapote road which is the city’s main road. Now you can reach places anytime you want to! You will greatly benefit with South Residences along with its perks and special qualities. Want to know more about it? Lucky for you because we are here to list the top three reasons why you should buy a unit or two at South Residences.

South Residences is the Spot to Take Chances

If you have ever been undecided to take a chance but you still badly want to have it, it’s probably because it is utterly worth it. Well, South Residences is promisingly worth it. It is designed to bring out the best in every homeowner because it encourages personal plans in life along with spontaneous changes you never thought you needed. It is highlighted in the metro due to its striking descriptions. The expected turnover date of the beautiful structure is around the fourth quarter of 2017 that is why it is time to invest in something your heart is looking for. The profound uniqueness of South Residences will be sure to capture everyone’s attention. As you enter, you will be greeted with the grandiose virtual of the grand lobby. As you take your time to appreciate the place, you will get to inhale the never-ending goodness and comfort within the Garden Seats especially designed for the homeowners to relax and enjoy nature. After you experience it, you can wind up some energy by chilling in the stunning swimming pool and watch the sunset. If you are more of an indoor person, you can also stay at your fully furnished unit and glance by the window to appreciate the relaxing view of the balcony. How refreshing would that be, right? The number one priority of South Residences is to create a peaceful yet engaging vibe within your homes through the various amenities you can enjoy. You don’t only get to take a chance but to live up to it and enjoy every moment with South Residences.

Live To The Fullest with Easy Access Through  South Residences

How would it feel to know that your home is not only a paradise but has dream destinations nearby as well? With South Residences, you can surely tell the difference! Even if you would highly enjoy the peaceful vibes at home, there is still the need for convenience when you need to go to work and be one with Metro Manila. The good news is that SLEX easily directs you to essential destinations in a quick manner. How brilliant, right? It is also an entryway to enter through other in-demand places such as Cavite and Tagaytay. It is such an ease knowing you can have your vacations whenever you badly need it. The lush greens of the places will also be a great benefit for you to escape from the exhausting vibes from the city as it takes you to a new kind of serenity. Moreover, it also caters to other well-developed cities especially if you are interested in businesses.  Cities in Metro Manila such as Muntinlupa, Taguig, and Makati are just in a close proximity with endless opportunities to expand your reach.  It also doesn’t sell short of your needs through the nearby establishments you can find. It is practically perfect while you discover places while finding yourself as well through the various activities you can enjoy.

South Residences Offers Unbelievable Experiences

Whether if you are just starting out with your family or looking for somewhere to settle until your retirement, South Residences is just like your missing pair. You can endlessly unwind and appreciate life through the varied amenities and places you can wander on. It is also such a catch that South Residences has a nearby mall in its complex since it will easily cater all your needs with just a few steps away from your home. The entertainment and leisure you are craving for can be easily satisfied with the array of choices and shopping options. The latest trends are simply available for you. Be it with food, fashion or luxury, you know you are only getting nothing but the best. Adding to all those, the mall also offers a bowling center and an ice skating rink whenever you have this need to have fun and bond with your loved ones. You can also watch the latest movies in IMAX and instantly be filled with nothing but happiness and contentment. What South Residences has probably figured out is that the key to a better living is by having a balance between work and play. You can only achieve the highest state of living by enjoying while reaping off the fruits of your success. Look no more and opt for the best. Go for South Residences!

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